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Job ID: 8348 # of Positions: 1 Date Posted: 2024-06-10
Category: Professional Compensation: $22 Position Type: Contractor
Job Title: Scheduler/Planer Location: Brentwood, NY

Short Description:

Short Description: Our firm, Tri-Power Consulting Services, LLC (TPC), seeks a W2 employee to work as a Scheduler/Planner ($22/hr). The hybrid position is as a contractor for our Electric Utility Client based in Brentwood, NY and has a duration of 2 years. Some responsibilities may include but are not limited to: Responsible for creating, prioritizing and managing daily work crew schedules to ensure the highest priority work is being given to the crews daily. Manage backlog of work available and develop prioritized contingency work in order to capitalize on opportunities to achieve safety, efficiency, reliability, and financial goals. Required: High School diploma or GED.

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