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Job Description
Job ID: 8348
Category: Professional
Job Title: Scheduler/Planer
Compensation: $22
Date Posted: 2024-06-10
Position Type: Contractor
Location: Brentwood, NY
# of Positions: 1

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Full Description:

Job Tittle:  Scheduler/Planner
Pay per hour:  $22.00 (W2 Contractor)

Hours per week: 40 hours a week
Contract Duration: 2 years
Location:  On-site Brentwood, NY

Job Responsibilities

• Coordinate resources (internal personnel, contractors, special equipment, vehicles, tools, etc.) and satisfy job requirements (switching & clearance requests, outage coordination, mark-outs, flagging, tree trim, etc.) timely in order to achieve maximum crew efficiencies & the timely completion of work.

• Participate in bi-weekly work plan meetings to discuss status of ongoing work, upcoming work & provide information on job readiness and manpower availability.

• Responsible for creating, prioritizing and managing daily work crew schedules to ensure the highest priority work is being given to the crews daily.

• Create and estimate work requests for emergency work as well as other types of work, as necessary, to ensure accurate accounting on work orders.

• Coordinate with materials management to ensure materials are available to meet schedules, assist in the management of material requirements, and report material deficiencies to the appropriate stakeholders.

• Communicate with customers in order to coordinate appointments & planned outages, as well as resolution of inquiries and any other communications that may be necessary.

• Manage backlog of work available and develop prioritized contingency work in order to capitalize on opportunities to achieve safety, efficiency, reliability, and financial goals.

• Manage work within the Outage Management System (OMS)

• Review accident (vehicle pole hits, dig-ins, etc.) claims to ensure cost accuracy and provide approval to send invoice to Liable Party.

• Manage the National Joint Use Notification System (NJUNS) database and the work within to ensure all deadlines are met and penalties avoided.

• Prepare complete work packages with all required documents (maps, completed pre-check form, etc.) for OH/UG Lines personnel.

• Act as the primary point of contact, providing advice guidance and support to relevant third parties in order to ensure everyone is informed and aware of changes to workplan, schedules and decisions taken.

• Supervise/dispatch field personnel, as required, during storm restoration events, as part of the Standby Supervisor’s responsibilities, or during periods of supervisory absence

Job Requirements/Skills

• High school diploma or GED required

•• Related technical experience in operations, engineering, scheduling, planning, maintenance or construction of nuclear power plants

• Must possess an understanding of more complex computerized scheduling methods and maintenance information systems

 **Local candidates (NY/Metropolitan area)

** Must be able to legally authorized to work in the United States**

** If chosen, prior to hiring a Background and Drug Screening will be Mandatory **

Please apply today. Thank you.


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