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Job Description
Job ID: 6559
Category: Engineering
Job Title: Sr Mechanical Design Engineer
Compensation: $34/hr
Date Posted: 2012-11-26
Position Type: Contract to Hire
Location: Torrance, CA
# of Positions: 1

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Full Description:

***$34/hr - BA in Engineering or a related field or equivalent experience and 5-8 years of experience - US Citizen - Experience in Aerospace and Mechanical Testing - A firm grasp of ANSI Y14.5 Geometric Tolerancing - Prefer Six Sigma Greenbelt certification - $34/hr***

This position is responsible for a variety of professional-level engineering-responsibilities, and requires advanced knowledge of engineering discipline, processes, and tools. The engineer must interact with internal customers and mentor lower-level engineers in order to facilitate the completion of designs to customer specifications. Note that the interaction and mentoring is global because Honeywell Aerospace is integrated globally. 

The engineer will be responsible for planning and executing project subtasks in order to meet customer specifications (for design, testing, etc). This position requires the individual to develop design concepts, layouts, 3D models, and detailed drawings for part/assembly manufacturing. He/she will conduct project status and design reviews, and defend technical positions. This job requires interface with vendors and suppliers to ensure product and project compliance. 

The engineer may help to develop and define engineering processes in the COE. He/she will establish and apply methodology and recommend enhancements to advance projects and processes, and identify and propose technical improvements using engineering knowledge and principals. 


  1. Bachelors Degree in Engineering or a related field or equivalent experience and 5-8 years of experience. 
  2. U.S.A. citizen. 
  3. Ability to work as part of a team, partner with a lab engineer, and have a strong bias for action. This includes the ability to help customers set requirements and perform reviews to meet schedule. 
  4. Experience in Aerospace and Mechanical Testing. 
  5. A constant focus on safety and a willingness to follow standard processes. 
  6. Ability to design mechanical systems (such as test stands, vibration fixtures, lifting devices, pneumatic/ducting systems, piping systems, and test facilities). Familiarity with Facility equipment and test/industry process involving pneumatics, hydraulics, pressure/vacuum, and combined environmental chambers is a plus. 
  7. A working knowledge of the following CAD software for 3-D designs: NX and AutoCAD. 
  8. Ability to configuration-manage and release designs using Teamcenter. 
  9. Ability to perform basic mechanical analysis (beams, torsion bars. flat plates), including stress analysis, and knowledge of material properties and the welding of metals. 
  10. A firm grasp of ANSI Y14.5 Geometric Tolerancing. 
  11. Experience working virtually with a global team. Flexible and able to meet outside of normal 1st-shift work hours to meet with global team members. 
  12. Willing and able to mentor less experienced engineers, including engineers based in developing markets. 
  13. Willing to multi-task and work professional overtime to meet schedule commitments. 
  14. Prefer Six Sigma Greenbelt certification.

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