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Job Description
Job ID: 6186
Category: Engineering
Job Title: Gas Pipeline Engineer(s)
Compensation: $100-$175k/Yr
Date Posted: 2012-10-16
Position Type: Contract to Hire
Location: Oakland, CA
# of Positions: 18

Full Description:


***Attention Engineering Seekers – “Are you ready to do some California Dreaming”,  “Do you know the way to San Jose” and isn’t about time “You leave your heart in San Francisco?" ***

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is actively looking for able bodied power generation specialists. These are DIRECT HIRE POSITIONS WITH PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC (PG&E)!

Will you be one of the 600 people they may want to hire by Q1 2013? *****

This is obviously a rare opportunity being managed for PG&E through Tri-Power Engineering and a select group of recruitment agencies nationwide……

                                                                    The Mission…….

……..To bring highly motivated and experienced Power Utility professionals to the Northern and Southern California area for sustainable job growth and a brighter future.

Here are the PG&E DIRECT HIRE program highlights:

  1. THIS IS DIRECT HIRE PROGRAM from its inception - Tri-Power Engineering is engaged in helping to recruit the required talent needed to fill a variety of positions . Our firm is acting as your AGENT to ensure that you are properly representation at PG&E – We don’t collect unless you succeed!!! Here’s a snapshot of the relocation program being offering to qualified candidates.

  2. Full Benefits – Including vacation, holidays, personal time 401k retirement plans and a full suite of other benefits that go along with working for one of the largest utility companies in America.
  3. PG&E is offering a Relocation Program - details are listed below:
    1. Miscellaneous Expense Allowance:  $2,500 (less applicable taxes)
    2. Lease Cancellation: Necessary cancellation expenses up to two months’ rent.
    3. Home Sale Assistance: Includes professional home marketing assistance to support efforts to sell your home and implementation of a home sale assistance process that provides significant tax savings for both you and PG&E when an offer is received from an outside buyer.  
    4. New Home Finding Assistance:  One trip of up to 4 days/3 nights for you and your spouse/domestic partner; transportation, lodging and meals (up to $75 per day per adults); half-day rental tour if seeking permanent rental accommodations
    5. Lender Referral: The RMC provides counseling and referral to lenders that offer special programs
    6. 6.    Home Purchase Closing Costs:  Reimbursement will be equal to actual costs or 2.0% of the new home purchase price, whichever is less. You must call your RMC consultant before contacting a real estate agent to be eligible for closing cost reimbursement.
    7. Household Goods Moving: Packing, loading, transportation, and insurance; up to 2 cars shipped if move is over 400 miles; 30 days storage.
    8. Temporary Living Expenses: Up to 60 days; reimbursement for lodging only; one (1) round trip or mileage reimbursement for you to return to the departure location OR your spouse/domestic partner to visit the destination location
    9. Final Trip: Reasonable expenses for employee and eligible dependents; meals (up to $75 per day per adult and children aged 16 and older and $40 per day per child) and lodging reimbursed with original receipts; one-way airfare if move is over 400 miles; or mileage reimbursed at the current IRS rate; one night’s lodging and meals prior to departure, en route, and one night’s expenses at destination.
    10. Expense Reporting: Employee-paid eligible relocation expenses reimbursed by the RMC upon receiving completed expense form with receipts for all expenses over $25
    11. Tax Liability: Most taxable reimbursements are grossed up to compensate for the tax impact on the employee. Gross-up is provided as a financial benefit, but it is not intended to compensate you completely for all tax liabilities

The list of PG&E DIRECT HIRE JOB OPENINGS and the links to apply to each are listed below:

**** - Please select the job you fit in the best - if you would like us to fit you in based on your resume content and associated credentials - simply apply to this general posting - ****

Supervising Engineer - Station Section, Walnut Creek CA [$118-$144K/Yr]

Supervising Engineer - Pipeline Section, Walnut Creek CA [$118-$144K/Yr]

Supervising Engineer - Engineering Section, Walnut Creek CA [$126-$159/Yr]

Sr. Gas Engineer Pipeline, San Jose CA [$140-$141k/Yr]

Sr. Gas Engineer – Pipeline, San Jose CA [$114-$141k/Yr]

Manager - Pipeline Engineering, Walnut Creek CA [$139-$175K/Yr]

Gas Asset Management Analyst, Walnut Creek CA [$97-$146K/Yr]

Damage Prevention Specialist, San Ramon CA [$86-$129K/Yr]

Sr. Gas Engineer-Leak Survey, San Ramon CA [$86K-129K/Yr]

Sr Corrosion Specialist,  San Ramon CA [$86-$129K/Yr]

Principal Engineer - Pipeline Standards, San Ramon CA [$120-$151K/Yr]

Principal Engineer - Pipeline Standards, San Ramon CA [$120-$151K/Yr]

Superintendent - Gas Distribution, Walnut Creek CA [$120-$155K/Yr]

Quality Engineer, San Ramon CA [$118-$144K/Yr]

Supervising Engineer - Gas Distribution, Oakland CA [$140-$160k/Yr]

Gas Transmission Estimating Supervisor, Walnut Creek CA [$120-$151K/Yr]

Resource Management, San Francisco CA [$110-$115/Yr]

Gas Engineer, San Ramon CA [$100k-$115/Yr]

**** - Please select the job you fit in the best - if you would like us to fit you in based on your resume content and associated credentials - simply apply to this general posting - ****

    Good Luck and we look forward to serving you in your career placement!

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