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Job ID: 8328 # of Positions: 1 Date Posted: 2024-03-08
Category: Professional Compensation: $24 Position Type: Contractor
Job Title: Project Support Specialist Location: Burlington, NJ

Short Description:

Our firm, Tri-Power Consulting Services, LLC (TPC), seeks a W2 employee to work as a Project Support Specialist ($24/hr). The position is as a contractor for our Electric Utility Client in Burlington, NJ. Some responsibilities may include but are not limited to: responsible for the delivery of customer facing outreach communication materials. Receive packet specifications to be printed, assembled, and distributed to customers in the applicable locations statewide per the week’s schedule. Required: High School Diploma, knowledge of MS Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Word & Excel, able to walk many miles per day while campaign canvassing.

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