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Job ID: 8333 # of Positions: 1 Date Posted: 2024-04-12
Category: Professional Compensation: $43 Position Type: Contractor
Job Title: Contracts Manager Location: Hicksville, NY

Short Description:

Short Description: Our firm, Tri-Power Consulting Services, LLC (TPC), seeks a W2 employee to work as a Contracts Manager ($43/hr). The position is as a contractor for our Electric Utility Client in Hicksville, NY and has a duration of 1 year. Some responsibilities may include but are not limited to: Establishes and executes a strategy to source and manage storm and project contracts in compliance with client’s guidelines and federal regulations applicable to procurements using grant funds, such as those awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (e.g., 44 CFR13.36, 2 CFR 200 et seq.) Required: Bachelor’s Degree, must have experience with FEMA compliance projects, working from auto fee stage to execution of contracts.

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